Friday, 4 October 2013

Good company, good food, excellent weather and a little weaving.....

The willow chips and olive clippings have been swept away, freshly made baskets carefully wrapped in suitcases or carried on board as new hand luggage, journeys continued homeward or on to the basket fair in Salt......

Weaving by the Sea 2013 has been a great success and we are already planning for 2014! Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the whole event and watch this space for more pictures and workshop updates soon!

moltes gràcies
Mònica, Mai & Tim



  1. LOVE the photos Tim- some of us met up in Girona and talked about creating a group to share all our photos, so i've created a space on Flickr: if you, Monica or Mai want to be moderators and add people let me know. I had an amazing time and Jo and I spent much of our train journey back to Cornwall talking about coming again next time, and workshops that could happen down here. Hope to see you all again soon, Camilla

    1. Hi Camilla - hope your well and survived the winter down your way.....tempted by another trip to sunny Spain? Apologies for the delay in replying! Hope you enjoy the new courses we have lined up to tempt everyone back again! best wishes Timx