Weaving by the Sea 2016 moved to a lovely new venue only a couple of minutes walk from the sea shore of Vilanova I la Geltru, Catalonia, Spain.

The Cesar Hotel is a family hotel with traditional ambience, excellent teaching spaces and a rooftop terrace.

This year we gave three workshops over the 4th, 5th and 6th October, full details of the courses may be seen at the bottom of the page.
  • The Invisible Stitch with Tim Johnson
  • Texture and Structure with Mai Hvid Joergensen
  • Exploring Catalan Baskets with Monica Guilera

For a full set of 2016 go pictures to the gallery on Tim's website: Weaving by the Sea 2016

2016 Course details:

The Invisible Stitch with Tim Johnson
Esparto and Rush braided and invisibly stitched baskets.

Over recent years Tim has researched and practised the variety of braid patterns commonly used in Spanish and north African palm and esparto basketmaking. Using widely available rushes and Spanish beaten esparto grass you will learn some of these special techniques creating 7 and 9 strand twill braids. These braids are then sewn together creating a seamless fabric with interlocking braid selvedges. Participants will work on a variety of round, oval and square samples and then design and create their own bag, basket or pouch for practical or decorative use.

Texture and Structure with Mai Hvid Joergensen
Explore weaving structures to create texture in your willow baskets.

Working with a variety of willows and Mediterranean materials such as olive and date palm, explore the variety of textures and patterns created by different weaving techniques and structures. Starting with a variety of round and oval bases participants will have the opportunity to learn a variety of weaves such as Herringbone Weave, Zig-Zag Weave, the traditional Irish 'Donkey Windows' and the densely textured but complexly named 'Countered Alternate Pair Twining'. These techniques may be used to create a variety of beautiful baskets and bags for functional and decorative use.

Exploring Catalan Baskets with Monica Guilera
Combine traditional handles, bases and borders to make Catalan baskets of your own design.
Catalan Basketmaking is a distinctive craft tradition with a great variety of baskets that have fulfilled the everyday needs of the Catalan people for centuries. Using a unique base design and combining Willow with European Cane (Arundo donax) these baskets are both elegant and strong. This years course will place particular emphasis on the variety of forms that can be created through the use of round or oval bases and the addition of various numbers of handles in both the rope and twisted handle techniques.

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