Following the success of 'Weaving by the Sea 2013' we doubled the number of courses for 2014 giving many participants the opportunity to work with two basketmakers over their holiday. Full course details at the bottom of the page.

Week 1
  • 'Catalan Basketmaking' with Mònica Guilera
  • 'Wood & Weaving - exploring handles & bases' with Mai Hvid Jørgensen
  • 'Exploring Mediterranean Materials - Braid & Stitch' with Tim Johnson

Week 2

  • 'Mediterranean Nansa Fish Trap Technique' with Mònica Guilera
  • 'Catalan with a twist' with Mai Hvid Jørgensen
  • 'Finding Freedom - Contemporary Basketmaking with Mediterranean Materials' with Tim Johnson

Below we have a selection of photos and the full set can be seen on Tim's website here:  

Weaving by the Sea, Vilanova I la Geltru, Catalonia 2014.

2014 Course Details

Catalan Basketmaking with Mònica Guilera
24th - 26th September 2014 

Catalan Basketmakingis a distinctive craft tradition with a great variety of baskets that have fulfilled the everyday needs of the Catalan people for centuries.Using a unique base design and combining Willow with European Cane(Arundo donax) these baskets are both elegant and strong. During this course you will make Catalan baskets exploring variations in forms, borders and handles and learn how to combine Willow and European Cane.

Wood & Weaving - exploring handles & bases with Mai Hvid Jørgensen 
24th - 26th September 2014

Combining wooden bases and handles with weaving has a long tradition in Scandinavian basket making, join Mai Hvid Jørgensen to take a contemporary look at this classic combination. Two different basket designs will be taught over the three day course combining wooden bases and handles sourced in Catalonia with Danish willow and Mediteranean weaving materials such as date palm fronds and esparto grass. 

Exploring Mediterranean Materials - Braid & Stitch with Tim Johnson  24th - 26th September 2014                      Taking inspiration from the Spanish techniques of braiding and stitching esparto grass and palm leaves, you will work with a variety of soft materials including rush, banana fibre, beaten esparto grass and wild iris learning a wide variety of plaits or braids. Tim has been fascinated over recent years with learning these sometimes confusing braids with up to 13 elements and has found an elegant system to help us understand them. The braids will then be stitched into a variety of bags, mats and baskets of your own designs.
Mediterranean Nansa Fish Trap Technique with Mònica Guilera  28th - 30th September 2014
The Mediterranean is home to a beautiful and distinctive technique of weaving used by fishermen to make a variety of fishing baskets and traps. In Catalonia ‘Nansa’ fishtraps were made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the kind of fish they wanted to catch, the traps were usually made in the winter with a very tough kind of rush (Juncus acutus) as well as split cane (Arundo donax) and olive stems.
In this workshop you will learn to make a ‘cofe’ , a round basket that was used to place the fishing lines and hooks in preparation for line fishing.  This basket will give you a good grounding in this very special technique based on triangles and you will have the opportunity to work with willow in combination with other Mediterranean materials and a variety of colourful threads and strings.

Catalan Basket with a Twist with Mai Hvid Jørgensen
28th - 30th September 2014
On this course we will take a starting point in the Catalan base and design our own shapes and surfaces. Combining unusual weaving techniques and a variety of local plant materials including Palm leaves, Rush and European Cane in combination with Danish Willow we will explore the creation of texture and pattern in our basketmaking.

Finding Freedom - Contemporary Basketmaking with Mediterranean Materials
with Tim Johnson 28th - 30th September 2014
Develop your contemporary basket making skills, ideas and processes - from first gatherings of materials through to the finished object. Work with a wide variety of Mediterranean materials such as olive and palm, esparto grass and oat straw - offering you the chance to combine colours, textures and weaving properties in an experimental and open ended way. 
Tim has developed his own distinctive techniques over years of creative practice and is happy to share not only his techniques such as freecoiling, nailbinding and birdweaving, but also the thinking process behind their development. Tim's course will accompanied by a slideshow looking at a variety of inspiring contemporary basketmaking, art textiles, sculpture and installation. 
More of Tim's work may be seen on his website here: timjohnsonartist.com


  1. Oh! I'd like to join you. Sounds wonderful. I could apply these techniques to the Australian plant material growing around me.

    1. Hi Helle - hope you can come along, yes many of these techniques will work with your materials back home. Hope to see you in September. Best wishes Timx

  2. Do you have the dates for 2015 so we can block out our calendars?

  3. Hi Jane it will be around the same time - the basket fair in Salt is always the first weekend in October so we will be around the weekend before - probably 24th-30th September 2015. Have no other details yet but I'm sure it will be another great event! thanks Tim

  4. still places available? I hope !!! :)
    I also just wrote you on FB :)

  5. Hello
    Pls i would love to do a workshop an learn the fishtrap weaving technique to make th ose wonderfull baskets
    Could you Tell me the dates for 2016 ?
    Brest regards Nicole

  6. Hi Nicole - the dates are online now however Monica isn't offering the fishtrap course this year at Weaving by the Sea, however she is teaching it elsewhere in Europe, email us or message through our facebook page with your location and we will see what we can do. thanks Tim